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Brief introduction of mechanical coke cleaning

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Principle of operation: mechanical coke cleaning technology is to pump the water with certain pressure and flow in the pump set to drive the coke ball made of special material and process to move back and forth in the pipeline and clean the coking layer on the inner wall of the pipe.

Equipment: mechanical decoking equipment is a special equipment for cleaning a thinner and more curved pipe, mainly by the pump group, control system and special fittings, coke cleaning ball etc., all the equipment fixed on a standard container.

- Application: mechanical decoking technology is mainly used for cleaning the inner wall of coking furnace, vacuum furnace, heating furnace, hydrogen furnace, ethylene cracking furnace, steam boiler, heat conduction oil furnace furnace tube furnace etc..

Scope of application: the coke ball has many specifications and is suitable for the heating furnace tube whose diameter is between 50-300mm.

Reach the effect: the process of mechanical coke cleaning does not harm the inner wall of the furnace tube, and the dirt of the pipe is centralized and harmless, and the environment is free from pollution.